What is the gLove orphanage?

The gLove orphanage pairs-up mismatched gloves and mittens

so they can be reused by the Portland bike community.


Have you been moved by the sad sight of a solitary lost glove on side of the road? 
Give it new life!
Do you have a collection of mismatched gloves in your home?
Don’t despair.

Donate your mismatched gloves and mittens 
to the gLove orphanage

What happens to your donation:
Volunteer worker gnomes first wash and repair the items. 
Then--using complex algorithms based on size, color, material and degree of insulation--gloves and mittens are paired up. 
New and beautiful partnerships are born. 
The new pairs will be available at the Community Cycling Center, a non-profit bicycle shop, where they will be sold really cheap. Your effort helps people save money and encourages folks to stay on their bikes throughout the winter.

Are you ready to hunt for gloves on the street?
Or donate your assortment of mismatches? 
You can drop them off at the 
Community Cycling Center on NE 17th & Alberta.