What is the gLove orphanage?

The gLove orphanage pairs-up mismatched gloves and mittens

so they can be reused by the Portland bike community.

Monday, February 13, 2012


There have been conversations about the nice idea of finding lost glove's original owners and matching partner. This is not our mission, we get joy from creating new partnerships.

That being said, every now and then we accept there will be a special glove (who are we to say that a particular glove is special?) and that glove could be located in such a distinct place that it could easily be identified by it's owner. I have come across such a gLove. A few days ago I found this here solo friend (pictured below) in Whole Foods--absentmindedly left while it's owner picked out some produce at the store on East Burnside. Are you missing this lovely specimen, do you have this glove's mate? Let us know. While we are more than happy to find it a new mate, it would be nice to reunite friends.

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