What is the gLove orphanage?

The gLove orphanage pairs-up mismatched gloves and mittens

so they can be reused by the Portland bike community.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Clean

I know you need to do it - I certainly still have some spring cleaning to do. Maybe you've seen the 10-day weather report. Your garden is planted and the rain will do the watering. Take these rainy-days to accomplish some indoor tidying up - I bet you will find some orphan gloves.
Give 'em to us! Please. And really, clean up your room, it's unpleasant in there.
Simply bring your donation to the Community Cycling Center, the swell people behind the counter will know what to do.

And then we can do more of this in the backyard - once it's sunny again that is:

Thanks in advance!
Okay, argh I'm off to do more cleaning.

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